April 2, 2024

Information Session: 2024 USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Grant Program

Stakeholders that serve Imperial Valley communities are invited to attend a virtual information session on the 2024 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD) Community Facilities Grant Program on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024. Representatives from USDA Rural Development will provide information about the application process and share examples of previous successful initiatives, projects and/or programs related to K-12, public entities and community-based non-profit organizations serving the California communities of Calipatria, Heber, Holtville, Niland, Ocotillo, Seeley, Westmorland and Winterhaven. 

The USDA-RD Community Facilities Grant Program provides affordable funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas with populations of 20,000 or less. Funds can be used to purchase, construct and/or improve essential community facilities, equipment and related project expenses.  

Examples of essential community facilities include:   

  • Utility services such as telemedicine or distance learning equipment;   

  • Educational services such as museums, libraries or schools;   

  • Local food systems such as community gardens, food pantries, community kitchens, food banks, food hubs or greenhouses;   

  • Community support services such as childcare centers, community centers or transitional housing, fairgrounds, and public facilities improvements;   

  • Health care facilities such as hospitals, healthcare or medical clinics, dental clinics, nursing homes or assisted living facilities; and   

  • Public safety services such as fire departments, fire trucks, police stations, police vehicles, public works vehicles or equipment.  

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